Mangrove Passage Piled Cyclone Moorings

Project Details

  • Client Saipem Leighton Consortium
  • EPCM No
  • Location Mangrove Passage (approximately 25 nm from the town of Onslow)
  • Duration 5 months

Total AMS were contracted by Saipem Leighton Consortium (SLC) to install 23 No. piled cyclone moorings for marine plant working on the Gorgon LNG Plant.  The project involved driving 1350mm diameter piles into the seabed in a remote part of the WA coast line near Onslow. 

The piles were installed by Total AMS's prupose built 180' piling barge equipped with 200t crawler crane and IHC S-280 piling hammer.  After being driven 15m into the seabed the piles were cut off by divers and a rotating pile head was installed to receive the mooring chain.  The mooring are capable of accommodating horizontal mooring loads up to 250t.

Vessels Involved