Marine Renewable Energy Installation

Project Details

  • Client Carnegie Wave Energy
  • EPCM No
  • Location Garden Island
  • Duration 12 months

TAMS’ Work Scopes:

-          Installation of a 3.5 km dual high pressure pipeline from Garden Island to the offshore site, including:

  • 120 m conduit and rock bolting campaign to restrain the pipelines and control cable in the nearshore approach and through the shore crossing
  • Pipeline stabilisation (using 290 tonnes of concrete strap weights) between the nearshore approach and offshore lease
  • Freespan correction using innovative split style concrete blocks and subsea drilled rock pins

-          Installation of 3.5 km bundled control umbilical from onshore plant, through shore crossing and to each of the units in the offshore lease

-          Installation of an 800 m desalination outfall pipeline and diffuser end from shore

-          Installation of interconnections to valve sleds, pods and remaining subsea infrastructure to support latter deployment of the mid-water pump and buoyant actuators

-          Deployment of three separate units including the buoy, pump, tether and lower connection arrangement into the existing foundation and respective connection receptacle

Integrated service offering:

-          Tugs, construction barge, crew transfer vessel and utility vessels to facilitate installation and maintenance of all subsea infrastructure.

-          Dive Support Vessels with Enriched Air Nitrox capability to increase efficiency at the 25m profile of the offshore lease

Vessels Involved