Moorings & Ropes

TAMS Moorings and Ropes is one of the legacy services on which the company was built, our experience around moorings is unmatched on the WA coast and we continue to improve our capability. We work with leading marine designers to deliver conventional and innovative mooring solutions utilising certified components chosen from the best material suppliers.

We are one of the few companies that can truly deliver turnkey mooring solutions, including design, engineering, procurement, installation, licencing, and ongoing maintenance.

An example of our innovation is the recently developed single pile cyclone mooring with more than 50 cyclone moorings installed at Mangrove Passage to provide cyclone contingency for contractor vessels supporting the Chevron Gorgon and Chevron Wheatstone projects.

TAMS Rope Loft Team provide commercial marine rope supply and application support with consultancy, custom design and splicing services and skilled technicians that provide on-site service. Products include specialised ropes for tugs and towing applications, mooring and anchoring systems and cyclone mooring hawsers.

From Fremantle we maintain a large inventory of high quality Polyester and Polypropylene ropes as well as large quantities of Samson Rope’s AmSteel Blue and other specialised products and application engineering and product support.

Fibre rope selection and application is critical to safe marine operations and TAMS’ experience and expertise in this area is extensive. What we learn from customer feedback and the knowledge gained from our harbour services, towing, commercial diving and moorings operations, ensures that our rope solutions satisfy our customers.

Cyclone Mooring Clients include:

  • CPPC
  • Leighton Contractors
  • DIAU
  • BAM Clough