Our southern and northern shorebases in Fremantle and Onslow put the TAMS group in the rare position of being able to service huge parts of the West Australian coast.

Fremantle Shore Base

Fremantle Head Office, southern end of Rous Head Harbour.

Facility comprised of:

  • 3,000m2 corporate offices & amenities
  • Storage & workshop sheds
  • 38m jetty berth space
  • 4 moorings
  • Seabed licence c.80m2

Northport Marine Services (Sultan Way)

Located on Sultan Way, at the opposite end of Rous Head Harbour
A 26,316m2 facility comprising:

  • 350 m2 offices & amenities
  • 2,800 m2 storage, maintenance & painting worksheds
  • 2,000 m2 extensive boat service yard & lay down area
  • Wharf berth space
  • 14 permanent boat pens & moorings
  • Seabed license c.16,755m2

We are planning to extend the existing wharf facilities to either incorporate a new load out jetty (Option 1) or an extension of the Northport Wharf (Option 2).

It is envisaged that the developed will assist with mooring the local tug fleet as well as supporting ongoing fleet maintenance initiatives conducted at the site.

Onslow Shore Base

TAMS is establishing a shorebase in Beadon Creek, Onslow WA, strategically located near large scale and multi-stage northern Australian O&G construction projects.

The site will be used as a shore base for project mobilisation and logistics,f vessel maintenance and support, and to support TAMS cyclone moorings at Mangrove Passage.

The strategic position of the facility is designed to attract current and future large scale Oil and Gas contractors as well as other regional maritime operators.